Quick chopper

Chopping is used for various dishes such as dumplings, takoyaki, and okonimiyaki.
Round hole filter (3 types of attachment) will allow the fine and even chopping of vegetables such as cabbage, Chinese cabbage, onions and carrots.
Although it is light and small, it has high process ability. It is also easily cleaned.

Unit size:190×300×315mm
Process ability:2kg/minute(depends on the size)
Rated voltage:100V
Rated wattage:100W
Rated usage time:15minutes
Attachment:2types of insert cover, filter(fine medium and large)
Sold separately:Superfine filter(for customers who wants to chop more finely), single blade(for customers who wants to chop more finely) *The standard product comes with double blade.

each size of chopped cabbage

¥68,900 tax not included


Additional information

Weight 3.9 kg
Dimensions 19 × 30 × 31.5 cm