Super Oroshimaru

It can quickly grind with the hand grind finish

Our uniquely developed automatic revolting grinding blade materialized the quick grinding with the hand grind finish.
Although it is a small machine, it has insert diameter of 50, which can put out a lot of power.
It is great for high fiber ingredient such as ginger as well as daikon. The parts can be easily removed so the daily cleaning is very easy.

Unit size:180×270×310mm
Process ability:Daikon φ50mm 0.5/20seconds
Size of the insert:φ50mm
Rated voltage:100V
Rated wattage:120W
Rated usage time:10minutes
Attachment:push stick, stabilizing board(attached on the bottom of the insert)
JAN code:4963451380007

¥52,500 tax not included



Additional information

Weight 3.0 kg
Dimensions 18 × 27 × 31 cm