Corporate Profile

Established October 21, 1969
Capital 10 Million Yen
Representative Mitsutoshi Nagashima, Representative Director
Location 4-51-14, Maruyama, Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture Japan 273-0048
Tel 047-438-3411
Fax 047-438-3413
Business Description Manufacturing and sales of commercial cooking appliances
Manufacturing of household items of daily-use, toys and games
Injecting molding
Memberships Japan Society of Plastic Technology
East Japan Plastic Manufacture Co-operative Association
Tokyo Chefs Association
The Japan Food Machinery Manufacturers’ Association
Japan Food Service Equipment Association

Company History

May 1964 Founded by Mitsuo Nagashima in Funabashi City, Chiba Prefecture as a private establishment.
Company was named as Chiba Industries, and it focus on manufacturing plastic molds.
June 1966 Development and manufacturing of precision casting molds and pressure casting molds.
July 1968 Established Injection Molding Division, and starting planning and manufacturing of toys.
March 1969 Development and manufacturing of musical instruments made from plastic.
October 1969 Reorganized as company (Capital: 2.5 million yen). Renamed as Chiba Industries, Ltd.
June 1976 Started manufacturing and sales of commercial cooking appliances.
August 1981 Started manufacturing of household hangers for daily-use.
September 1986 Started manufacturing of cabbage slicer.
November 1989 Started development and sales of Tsumataro (vegetable slicer)
August 1991 Stared development and sales of Negimaru and Negihei
March 1996 Capital increased on 10 Million Yen
October 1996 Development and sales of Negihei Junior
March 1998 Started sales of Manual Tsumakirikun
October 1998 Started sales of Electric Tsumakirikun
March 2000 Started sales of Kaiten Tsumakirikun
October 2001 Started sales of Shiraga2000
May 2004 Started sales of Super Oroshimaru
February 2005 Katsutoshi Nagashima appointed as Representative Director
August 2005 Started sales of Mizinger
May 2007 Started sales of Sasagakikun
May 2008 Started sales of Sengiri / Kantan Slicekun
August 2009 Started sales of Supernob
May 2010 Started sales of Vegg Slicer