Strawberry Slicer ElectricHD50

Commercial Strawberry Slicer Electric HD50

■ Electric HD50 is suitable for slicing strawberries and petit tomatoes and shredding citrus peels.
■ Two types of inlet pipes with different diameters can be easily added according to the size of the material.
■ It is safe because the round blade does not rotate without the top cover.
■ You can cut by the weight of the material just by throwing it in without using a push rod.
■ The knife unit is dishwasher compatible.

Body size: Width 180 x Length 440 x Height 300 mm (Height when the inlet pipe is removed is 230 mm)
Body weight: 9.0kg
Maximum material diameter: 40 mm
Accessories: Push rod large / small Input port pipe Large / small
Dishwasher compatible location: knife unit only
Voltage: 100V
Power consumption: 40W
Continuous use time: 40 minutes
JAN code:
Electric HD 50-4 (with 4.0 mm width blade unit coupling): 4963451021504
Electric HD 50-6 (with 6.0 mm width blade unit coupling): 4963451021511

4.0mm width blade unit with coupling: 4963451002015
6.0mm width blade unit with coupling: 4963451002022

Instruction Manual


¥195,000 tax not included



Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 18 × 44 × 40 cm

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