Super nob

Versatile electric grinder

  • Automatic revolting grinding board can grind the whole ingredient evenly just like it was grinded by hand.
  • By minimizing the space between the insert and the grinding board, it minimized the waste of ingredient.
  • By improving the grinding board and making the internal cover to prevent splashing, it can easily grind slimy ingredient, which was difficult to grind in the previous machine.
  • Almost all the parts that touch the food can be removed and washed so it is very sanitizing.
  • “Super nob Super Knob” has a higher yield than SUPER OROSHI because there is less gap between the front cover and the grate blade.
    On the other hand, the blade is recessed from the surface of the grate plate so that the blade does not come into contact with the front cover, so the finish of the grate is finer than that of the super grate.
    Since the processing capacity is also different, please check in advance before selecting.
Unit size:400×210×400mm
Processing capacity per minute:1.5 to 2 daikons / about 1000g of ginger / 800g of Japanese potato / 2 to 2.5 of Japanese yam / about 800g of garlic
Size of the insert:φ85mm
Depth of inlet slot (up to grating board):110mm
Rated voltage:100V
Rated wattage:90W
Rated usage time:30minutes
Attachment:Push stick(long), push stick(short)
JAN code:4963451071707

¥102,000 tax not included



Additional information

Weight 6.2 kg
Dimensions 400 × 210 × 400 cm