Peel S

Peel S

Trusted more and more over the years

“Peel S” has a great reputation for cutting “Katsuramuki” . When you rotate the handle, the blade will slide left and right, which makes it shining like if you used a good sharpness knife.
It will make your food presentation beautiful.
*You can not cut garnish with katsuramuki machine(4963451 150006).
if you want to cut garnish, you have to purchase Peel S with garnish cutting adapter (4963451 150020) or garnish cutting adapter set (4963451 150600) and exchange the parts.

Blade slide mechanism
Unit size 300×240×165mm
Weight 1.7kg
Maximum diameter 100mm
Maximum width 120mm
Thickness of Katsuramuki about 0.5 mm (without thickness adjustment sheet.)
Thickness of adjustment sheet 0.3 mm (you can use up to 2sheets.)
Garnish size about 0.8 mm (special order 0.6 mm)


Garnish rotary peel


Garnish cutting adapter set