Vegg Splitter

Cucumber splitter with superior sharpness Continue reading


Vegg Slicer

Slice vegetables into various thickness as you like!
Slicing disc with thickness adjustment is equipped for all machines.
Safety function is improved with the magnet switch built in the insert.
You can easily slice thin vegetables such as cucumbers with the attached push stick.
You can ground radish or thinly slice vegetables with optional disc. Continue reading


Peel S

“Peel S” has a great reputation for cutting “Katsuramuki” . When you rotate the handle, the blade will slide left and right, which makes it shining like if you used a knife.
As well as rotary peel and garnish cutting, it can also cut web cutting (2 types; nageami and odoriami). When you rotate the handle, the blade will slide left and right, which makes the beautiful shine just like peeling with a knife. It will make your food presentation beautiful.
It is a sister machine of “Peel S” which has a great reputation. Even though it is smaller than “Peel S” the unique blade sliding mechanism similar to Peel S will provide the sharpness close to the hand cutting.Also, the standard machine can cut rotary peel and garnish. The blade parts are easily changeable. Continue reading


Kaiten Tsumakirikun

You can cut “delicious” garnish easily with this manual garnish cutting machine. Great functions are t into this compact machine so it is user friendly even in a limited space. Our unique feeding machine will allows anyone to cut garnish easily. If you take o the comb blade, you can use it for ribbon cut (spiral shape) to make your food presentation more beautiful. Continue reading


Negihei Junior

By using 2 types of insert, you can chop relish and hasu with this one large green onion electric cutter. It is small, light and very easy to handle. Blades are design to attach and remove for quick and safe cleaning. Since sharp blades are rotating in high speed, there is not stress while cutting. Continue reading


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